Older Adults

Have you considered how you can do sport differently to increase your club membership?

Have you considered the benefits in providing opportuities for older adults in your club? Does your club's mission statement focus on being an inclusive club? By providing opportunities at your club for older adults it can support an individuals physical and mental health to create social connection, and make positive changes to the environments we live and play in. 

When sport organisations do sport differently to include older adults they;

• attract larger and more diverse audiences

• provide opportunities for inclusion of people at different stages of their lives

• increase the number of participants, volunteers and administrators

• improve their brand by expanding to create new partnerships with other like minded community groups/services.

• see their sport thrive into the future

• positively influence the health of Victorians.


Interested in ideas and resources on how to include and increase physical activity opportunities for older adults in your sporting club? Click on the light boxes below and youtube clip below on Doing Sport Differently!