Club Management

According to Vic Health “Sports clubs are at the heart of communities, providing opportunities for people to have a go at sport while also being a great opportunity to make new friends and meeting like-minded people”.

Sport clubs provide an opportunity for diverse population groups to participate in local community activities and provide health and social benefits, such as  “improvements in community health".

From our involvement with many local sporting clubs we know the essence of good club management is to attract and develop the best people, promote the culture of the club and get buy in from local community.

For more information on how your sport club and club management can be a leader in your community refer to the resources below or contact us on 03)5222 3911.


Community Sport has seen a significant impact as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are commited to providing up to date resources, links and club support information that can best inform grass roots clubs across all levels of participation both on and off field.