Welcoming Everyone

Some people can feel unwelcome or self-conscious when fronting up to a new club or community group, particularly if they are on their own or don't have peers or friends already at the club.

There are also well documented barriers to sport participation which include cost, transport, as well as the club environment and culture.  Clubs need to have open doors to people regardless of age, gender, marital status, culture etc (N.B There are some exceptions relating to safety). See sample Equal Opportunity Policy.


What about actively recruiting and encouraging people of all abilities and backgrounds to particpate in your club activities and events and developing a club membership base which is representative of your local community? Individuals are the most important ingredient in creating an inclusive club by creating a warm, friendly, open-minded environment for all members. Use the resources provided in this section to support your club to become the most welcoming, inclusive environment that it can.