Barwon Game Changer

The Barwon Game Changer is a program aimed at building Gender Equality in Sporting Clubs. The main focus of this program is to increase the number and role of women in club leadership. Through funding provided by Department of Sport and Recreation, Leisure Networks supports participating clubs in developing strategies to increase womens and girls participation on and off the field but particularly in leadership and decision making. All of the resources and processes are provided and the program is also flexible which often suits clubs because we know that one size does not fit all!

There is also an opportunity for women in your club to connect through the Barwon Game Changer Network Gatherings and the Women in Sport Leadership Development program. 

Get in touch with Fiona Bennett at Leisure Networks and have a chat if you'd like to know more. 


What's involved? 


Step 1: Leisure Networks Project Coordinator comes out to meet your committee and explain the program

Step 2: Club nominates 2 volunteers to coordinate the program within the club

Step 3: Club volunteers invite all of club to complete an online Gender Club Checklist

Step 4: Results of the online checklist analysed by Leisure Networks and report presented to the club (through the Club's key liaisons).

Step 5: Using the results of the checklist, action plan is developed

Step 6: Action plan presented to club committee

Step 7: Action plan is put into "action"

Step 8: Evaluation and reporting back to committee after designated period of time (usually annually) 


Some further details about the program can be found here: