Membership Options

Clubs sometimes present a range of membership or participation options to try to maximize their membership numbers. Here are a few examples from local clubs: 

  • Training Only Member - these members come to training and participate but are not registered as a player. They pay a small fee and are given a training top. A local soccer club does this to introduce newly arrived Sudanese to the club and finds that after a season as a training member, most become playing members
  • Weekday Member or Off Peak - an idea adopted by golf clubs largely to provide a reduced cost membership to people happy to use the club only on weekdays not weekends
  • Social  Member or Friends and Supporters - non playing members who receive, for example, club newsletters, get entry to games and discounted or free entry to social functions. This type of membership could also be an offering to valued volunteers, sponsors and Life Members
  • Pay as You Play - a more casual arrangement e.g. used for a veterans tennis morning where people come to play in a weekly social event and pay a fee each time they play
  • Casual Membership - this style of membership is most commonly seen at tennis clubs where people pay a membership fee to gain access to the courts but do not participate in club life
  • Valued Contribution or Life Membership - Generally used as a way to acknowledge past players / volunteers who have made a significant contribution to the club. It is generally a membership where the fees are fully waived and the member is acknowldeged in other ways e.g. on a Life Member Board
  • Membership for Cardholders - Holders of a student card, healthcare card, or any form of pension card are offered a reduced membership
  • Family Membership - many clubs acknowledge the cost to families requiring multiple memberships by having a standard family membership package at a reduced rate. 

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