Dispute Resolution

Sometimes club disputes escalate and cannot be solved through your internal grievance procedures. This can occur when issues arise between:

  • members and other members
  • committee members and other committee members
  • members and the committee or 
  • your club and other clubs or stakeholders e.g. sponsors.

When it can't be resolved or the dispute involves the committee, it is advisable to bring in a neutral party. The Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria provides Victorian clubs and incorporated associations with a range of free, confidential dispute resolution services.

They will listen, help to clarify issues, provide strategies and conduct a full assessment with everyone involved to see if the dispute is suitable for mediation.

Offices are located across Victoria. Ring 1800 658 528 to locate your local office.

Find out more at www.disputes.vic.gov.au or www.reachingagreement.disputes.vic.gov.au