Safe Coaching

Coaches play a significant role in directing safe practices amongst players at both training and during competition. 

Some things for coaches to consider:

  • Monitoring athletes physical wellbeing and reducing / removing training and competing accordingly
  • Monitoring athlete workloads and avoiding overload.
  • Managing return to play for injured or unwell athletes including ensuring a medical certificate is presented if serious.  Check with your state association or peak body if they have policies or guidelines around concussion. AFL have developed a new set of guidelines - Click Here to view.
  • Developing a Management Plan for return to play in consultation with the relevant medical staff
  • Providing warm up and cool down / full recovery sessions where needed
  • Ensuring good hydration by directing drink breaks
  • Ensuring safety equipment is worn and/or in place
  • Ensuring that equipment including safety equipment is in good repair
  • Ensuring training and competition surfaces are free from hazards and suitable for use
  • Ensuring that training practices are suitable for the maturation of the player and modifying where necessary
  • Matching players in training according to physical attributes e.g. height, weight, age, skill
  • Abiding by the rules of the  competition e.g. modified tackling
  • Reminding members to undertake sun protection measures between September and March
  • Avoid athletes standing around in colder conditions

Useful information for coaches: