Club Amalgamation

Amalgamation of two or more sporting clubs is sometimes the best scenario, particularly when:

·         The proximity of the clubs means that numbers for both are challenged
·         One or both of the clubs are struggling either financially, or to attract members or volunteers
·         There is an opportunity for a super venue or other strategic incentive to do so.
Click Here for the steps that each of the amalgamating clubs need to take with respect to Consumer Affairs (Victorian Clubs). This does not however take into account the emotional and practical considerations of clubs when amalgamating e.g.
·         Club histories and identities and how these can be retained through amalgamation
·         Life Member recognition
·         Distribution of finances
·         Relinquishing and re-establishing committee roles
·         Location of Honour Boards
·         New club colours, name, club song
·         Maintaining partnerships and sponsorship arrangements
·         Member communication and consultation throughout the process

Helpful Resources:

More Information:

  •  Consumer Affairs Victoria (select Clubs and Not for Profits from top menu, Running an Incorporated Association form the left hand menu, Change Amalgamate or Cancel from the list of options)