Keeping Records

Does your club have a system for recording and storing information about injury sustained whilst involved at the club and the treatment provided?

This is important to your overall risk management so if you don't have a system, even a simple one is worth thinking about the following, particularly for serious injury:

  • Keeping multiple copies of  recording forms with each first aid kit or with each Sports Trainer / First Aid representative 
  • Using the Sports Injury Tracker system developed by Sports Medicine Australia 
  • Nominating a club volunteer to receive and file forms, or make entries into the tracker
  • Part of their role could be making a follow up phone call to the injured person
  • Filing and storing Injury Record Forms for at least 7 years
  • Developing relevant 'return to play' policies and procedures which consider medical clearance prior to returning to play e.g. Concussion Policy 

It is also always worth checking your club has adequate insurance and encourgaing members to take out their own personal accident insurance and ambulance subscription. Note that some sports are able to offer the latter quite cheaply through the state body.