First Aid Kits

Regardless of whether you have a dedicated First Aider or Sports Trainer, you should provide access to an up to date, well equipped first aid kit for individual use.

These should be checked and restocked regularly and at the start of each season to ensure that items used have been replaced and any perishable items e.g. sunscreen.

In addition to first aid kit availability, stretchers at each venue need consideration, particularly in contact sports and sports where the prevalence of injury is high. (Compulsory for some). It is important to note however  that strectchers should not be used by untrained people. (VicHealth  Funding supports the purchase of safety equipment and / or safety training). Training around spinal injury management can be accessed Click Here to find your Australian state branch.

It is also worthwhile ensuring that ice is available at each venue or for each team to assist with the immediate treatment of soft tissue injuries etc.