Developing a Healthy Eating Policy

Developing any policy for your club requires discussion, decision-making, implementation and monitoring. This would apply to a Healthy Eating / Food Provision Policy.

Essentially the Committee with the relevant volunteers e.g. canteen operators, social committee, kitchen staff, need to make a commitment to the provision of safe and healthy food. The former is prescribed by law so is not flexible, however in formulating the contents of a healthy eating / food provision policy, there are a number of things you can consider. See below for some prompters:

  • Meeting all regulations prescribed by the Food Act
  • Having all volunteers who work in the canteen participate in an induction to food handling
  • Requesting that canteen volunteers do the online food safety training
  • Setting targets for the proportion of healthy foods on offer
  • Adopting healthier cooking methods
  • Pricing which promotes healthy food choices
  • Displaying healthy food options more prominently
  • Buying local only
  • Restricting time of sale for certain items e.g. confectionary, soft drinks not available before...
  • Moving to smaller serves of less healthy items
  • Commiting to offer healthy options at club functions also
  • Deciding to phase out sponsorship from food and sugary drink industries
  • Removing vending machines
  • Providing culturally appropriate foods for members and spectators from diverse cultural backgrounds