Welcoming Strategies

The following simple actions can make all the difference to people coming to your club for the first time. Having welcoming actions in place also says a great deal about your club's interest in inclusion. Practical resources to make implementation easier can be found using the links below:

 Other ideas:

  • Holding a welcome to new members, volunteers and sponsor social function e.g. afternoon tea
  • For club functions have a number of "Meet and Greet" officers on hand to introduce people to other members and to look out for anyone who looks alone, displaced and go to talk to them
  • Establishing a mentoring system for new volunteers, committee members
  • Team new members up with someone who can support them and show them the ropes
  • Placing an official welcome to newcomers in the club newsletter, and or website
  • Emailing new members to welcome them personally
  • Developing a club postcard to send to new members
  • Have the Welcoming Officer follow up anyone who fails to show up without explanation to make sure everything is OK
  • Develop club apparel that people can purchase to build an affiliation with the club