Building Your Brand

It's All About Your Image

If your club has a strong positive image in the community, more people are likely to come to you e.g. if a sporting club has an image of being a family club, parents are more likely to select your club. Likewise, sponsors are much more likely to align themselves with clubs with a strong public image that features the club as doing the right things both on and off the field.

The aim of marketing and promoting your club is all about creating a positive image in the community that will encourage more members, attract community interest and increase attendances at functions & events.


Branding relates to how you present messages about the club to others. Clever branding will attempt to set your club, its activities and services apart from similar groups, as well as establishing a well defined message about the club in the minds of sponsors, clients, constituents, volunteers, and others. A strong brand identity can take on a life of its own and become a magnet to draw people to your organisation. Developing a brand can help an organisation:

  • define itself and say what it stands for and
  • present its value to the community it serves.

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Public Relations

The main goal of public relations is to enhance the club's reputation by presenting the club in a positive light. Here's some ideas to think about:

  • Monitor your external communication e.g. taking care with what is posted on the Club's website, Facebook page, or blogs. The internet is a great way to spread the good word and images via photos etc
  • Have a designated person to be the spokesperson for the club to ensure a consistent message. Use the media to your advantage when you can.  
  • Involve club members in other community events as volunteers or participants e.g. local festival, charity events
  • Communicate to members the type of Club you are working towards and request that they speak about the Club in this fashion 
  • Position and promote your club as a good communiy citizen by supporting local business, supporting people in need, looking after your neighbours and supporting the community generally and promoting this aspect of the club.

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