Selling Your Proposal

The best way to sell the idea of sponsoring your club is to meet with the potential sponsors face-to-face. You need to find out 'who is who' within the company and try to get the right people in the room.

It pays to plan before you leap. Choose your target sponsors carefully (finding some form of link - this may be that they already have some of their people involved in the club or otherwise). Consider the types of benefits that might be attractive to a particular company. It pays to be creative to try and find an untapped source e.g. a regional rail trail has its maintenance costs sponsored by a local Funeral Director and in return the rail trail offers sites for memorial tree planting. (Win / Win).

Here's some starters to think about:

  • Have you had a a preliminary discussion ( and sensed some level of interest?
  • Have you got a 2 -page profile of the club which portrays its positive features?
  • If you are selling exposure through your web site - is it up to date and well presented?
  • Have you established why the Club needs sponsors and how the sponsorship assists to provide opportunities for the community? e.g. your club supports low income families
  • Have you worked out what you can offer sponsors and have these ready to present either in a pre-packaged format or as a list of options from which to establish a deal?
  • Have you considered what you want from the sponsor, considering "in kind" options as well and what could be offered in return?
  • Have you got people in the club who would do a good job of this type of presentation and negotiation?
  • Can you provide examples of your written materials, newsletters, media clips, programs etc to show a potential sponsor?

At the completion of the meeting if looking promising , find out what follow up is wanted, and their timeframe i.e. when would a follow up call or email be appropriate. FOLLOW UP!

If the answer is no, it pays to ask what would make your proposal more attractive to them.