Fundraising Ideas

Clubs are always looking for good fundraising ideas which yield high return for the least amount of work, however, regardless of the ease there is always some planning involved. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Determine what you need the money for - people are generally more willing to give for a worthwhile goal
  • Establish fundraising targets for the year based on your overall budget - best not to fundraise for fundraising sake, people do tire of it
  • Gather up a small group, sub-committee to look after the fundraising for the year. They may need to liaise with the social committee if planning fundraising events
  • Plan a fundraising calendar of activities to promote to members
  • Make sure you choose different fundraising activities to suit different sections of the club e.g. junior parents are not likely to want to attend a pub function with senior players
  • Try to avoid fundraising events which are centred on alcohol consumption or alcohol prizes
  • Think of ways to attract external funds i.e. from people outside of the club
  • Don't forget that raffles and bingo need registration and may require a permit dependent on the size - Click Here for details. 

Click Here for fundraising ideas.

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