Promoting for Free

Promotion is the key to helping people find your club and stimulating them to want to join it. Effective promotion can help attract members, sponsors, volunteers and spectators whilst also supporting current members to keep involved and informed. 

Who's Responsible

For the best results, clubs should create a committee position with marketing and promotion as a primary role or establish a sub-committee to take care of it.

Free Promotion Options

Promotion doesn't have to cost your club. Click Here for club ideas on how to get the word out for FREE.

Internal Club Newsletter

A club newsletter helps to keep members and their networks informed but also can become a significant space to promote sponsors, acknowledge volunteers and showcase club success. For a sample newsletter format that you can use to get started - Click Here

Flyers and Posters

All you need here is someone in the club with a few computer skills. Remember that these promotional tools are a visual grab so if you can use an appealing photograph or an eye-catching headline it helps to capture someone's attention. Click Here for a sample poster with some tips thrown in.