Meeting Agendas

To make the best use of Committee meeting time an Agenda is developed collaboratively and distributed to Committee Members before the meeting to ensure the following: 

  • Committee members have time to think about the issues prior to the meeting
  • Committee questions can be answered before the meeting if clarification is needed
  • Committee leaders can prioritise and allocate time to each item

The process for the meeting begins with the prapration of the agenda. 

A suggested guide for the development and distribution of the Agenda is for the Secretary to put out a call for Agenda items and for reports requiring distribution.

About 9 days prior to the meeting:

                   -   Previous minutes

                   -   Emailed information from Committee members

                   -   Committee Calendar

No later than 7 Days prior to meeting the Secretary distributes the Agenda including supporting papers and reports. Committee Members should read reports prior to the meeting.

No later than 2 days prior to meeting Committee members advise the Chair of any extraordinary issues arising out of reports that will require significant discussion ( timings may need to be adjusted prior to the meeting)

Actual Agenda Headings:

 Note that the order of the items are important to make sure that the most pressing items are given sufficient time. For decision items usually come before items for noting.


This process works best when:

 If we need to exceed this time to ensure adequate and appropriate discussion, the Chair takes advice from the Committee and then either: