Paid Promotion


Advertising is paid information in the media eg. newspapers, radio and television. The advantage is that you control what is said because you pay for the space or time.
As advertising costs, it is wise to choose the most appropriate advertising method for the chosen audience while taking into consideration the event or activity being advertised. Attracting media as a sponsor can be an effective way to secure advertising at a reduced rate.


Generally more expensive than the local paper, but has a wide audience and is far reaching. Radio and TV also enable for repetition, so the target audience hears the message a number of times. Every station has a specific audience so be sure to ensure you choose the right station for your audience.


The more popular place to advertise. Before you place the ad, ask some questions. Find out who the typical reader is and whether they fit into your target market. Check with other clubs and organisations that have placed ads in the same paper about their response to the ad. You may find that while the club had a successful open day, not many saw the advertisement.
Remember to evaluate the success of a paid advertisement by asking people how they came to know about your Club or event.

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