Developing a Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan simply details how the club or organisation plans to market itself and the activities, events or strategies to be undertaken. The Marketing Plan would identify and detail the following:

  • Aim and objectives of the Marketing Plan, what is the club trying to achieve through the plan?
  • Details of how the club is described and perceived by its members and stakeholders currently
  • Identification of members and their needs. E.g. veterans, women, juniors, etc.
  • What sets the club apart from similar clubs - its competitive edge 
  • Looking at the club's strengths and what is happening in the local community 
  • How the organisation anticipates promoting the club, activities or events? E.g. Regular local media coverage, paid advertising, activities with schools or other private/corporate sectors, word-of-mouth, brochures, etc.
  • Cost and timelines for the implementation of the Marketing Plan.