Growing Your Membership

A powerful form of club promotion is word of mouth, so keeping your members satisfied is paramount. Significant drop off in membership can  have a catastrophic impact on a club's viability, so establishing specific goals for membership numbers is an important function for the committee. Note that having too many members can also have a negative impact on a club particularly if venues become overcrowded.

Keeping Your Members Happy

What do your members value most about the club? If you don't know the answer to this question, it is worth gathering member feedback.  Use this Sample Member Survey as a starter. This will assist club administrators to improve in the areas most valued. Qualities of a club that can attract new members:

  • Professionally run
  • Good people who get along
  • Quality coaching
  • Family and Female Friendly Environment
  • Success (on and off the field)
  • Social activities

 What Can Turn People Off:

  • Disorganised club, members not kept well informed
  • Individuals not getting a fair go re: game time, positions etc
  • Poor coaching
  • Poor cohesion and infighting amongst members
  • Club culture e.g. a boozy club environment can turn people away.

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