The Write Up

Larger organisations who offer funding have generally moved to online applications. If they indicate that this is preferable it is worth giving it a go. The key to successful online applications is to be succinct and get as much relevant information across in the word limits (often as little as 250 words per response). Use attached documents where you can to supplement the application.

Here's some tips:

  • Contact the funding agency to find out about their priorities
  • Plan the activity / development and demonstrate the planning, the thinking logic and the readiness. This may involve consultation and/or partnership development prior to making the application
  • Provide evidence particularly around the need e.g. demographics, relevant details about your club
  • If the grant requires a matching contribution from your club, show how you are going to meet this in your budget and your project plan
  • Dot points work well so that the assessors can get the picture very easily
  • If you can attach documents this is a great place to include a project map / plan which clearly shows the steps, the timelines, the personnel, partner involvement - a one page table or visual chart can be effective. Remember that your timeline should commence after grant monies have been dispatched
  • Attach a detailed and realistic budget which also includes your club's contribution e.g. volunteer time, provision of venues, on-costs, volunteer travel expenses, club resources e.g. photocopying etc
  • Detail the anticipated outcomes both during the project and ongoing. BE REALISTIC
  • If you can find an opportunity to indicate how your funded activity could benefit other clubs or the broader community, it increases your project reach e.g. facility developments may offer new opportunites for other user groups during 'down-time' 
  • Demonstrate planning or consultation that has been undertaken in preparation for the project - if there is no space in the application itself, this can appear in your project plan
  • Demonstrate how the project will be managed e.g. established sub-committee, steering group
  • Evidence if you can your club's ability to succeed e.g. letter of support, evidence of other successes
  • Ask someone to look over your application to see if it makes sense and matches the funding objectives sufficiently - a relevant person from your local council, your Regional Sports Assembly, regional branches of the funding agency
  •  Keep a copy of your application for further reference.