Always Helps

The following ideas may support your club to be on the ball when it comes to grants:

  • To have a detailed budget including any forecasted expenditure increases so that membership fees can be set in line with club costs
  • Make a 'wish list' of all the new developments, equipment, resources, program offerings, facility improvements etc you would like to achieve throughout a given year if the club could get hold of some funding
  • Talk around the club, even publish in your newsletter the sorts of things the Committee would like to achieve in a given season - it maybe that there is a potential sponsor amongst your crew who may just be stimulated to come out of the woodwork
  • Identify from your 'wish list' the items that are grant worthy, what could be sponsored and the types of things that need fundraising. E.g. there are no grants known that would assist with the general running costs of the club so you would need to offset this by attratcing funds to cover other things e.g. a grant for uniforms
  • Identify a few people, who have some knowhow to keep an eye out for any grants that would support an item on the 'wish list'. Their role is to alert the Committee and support the submission write up
  • Keep a calendar of grants - any number of grants re-occur at the same time each year so you can predict in some cases and get your case ready in good time
  • If you see other clubs that have undertaken things that you would like to achieve, ask a representative how they went about it
  • If there are things on your 'wish list' that you could see benefiting another group or club, start building the relationship and discuss partnerships
  • Keep electronic copies of the grant applications you submit to cut and paste from
  • Register for Sportslink 
  • If you are unsuccessful at getting a particular grant, seek some feedback from the funding agency.