Obtaining Sponsorship

Funds available for sponsorship are usually finite and are typically very competitive, particularly in a small community where multiple organisations are approaching the same businesses and suppliers.

 It pays to be creative, flexible and strategic when it comes to developing sponsorship relationships. A few key things to remember:

  • Sponsorship is not a hand-out but rather a mutually beneficial relationship between organisations or individuals and an organisation. Sponsorship is about benefit exchange
  • Look after your sponsors and look after them well because once you loose one, it is difficult to get them back
  • Sponsorship doesn't always have to involve money, it can be 'in kind' i.e. the provision of goods or services in lieu of money e.g. Finance Company provides secretarial support to collate and distribute club newsletter, real estate agent provides club with noticeboards, equipment supplier provides discounts, life members sponsor trophies
  • Sponsors generally don't like to see their competitors co-sponsoring
  • You can have too many sponsors - sometimes it is more strategic to target a few major sponsors than loads of minors. When your sponsoring company becomes just another face in a crowd it can be less attractive
  • Sponsorship agreements, regardless of how small should be kept in writing
  • You must do what you say you'll do AND MORE. Better to promise nothing and offer the world than the other way around
  • Sponsorship recruitment and servicing needs to be coordinated, so best to have a small sub-committee or a few people who look after it
  • If your image is poor - best to clean up your act if you want to attract sponsors to associate with your club
  • Spend some time planning
  • Develop a Sponsorship Policy to be sure you don't get compromised - Click Here for a sample

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